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  1. Coroplast: Single sided, double sided, contour cut, custom cut. 4×8 sheet gloss finish available, step stakes available.
  2. Foamcore: Sturdy and durable, indoor applications, single sided, double sided, custom sizes up to 4’x8’ gloss finish available
  3. PVC: indoor outdoor, single sided, double sided gloss finish available, custom cut up to 4’x8’
  4. Polystyrene: indoor outdoor, great for small up close signs, menu’s, single sided or double sided, gloss finish available, custom sizes up to 4’x8’
  5. Outdoor Use: .040 aluminum. Single sided or double sided custom sizes up to 4’x8’
  6. Backlite Film: polycarbonate .01” Matte finish. Single sided. Max 51”x140’
  7. Composite Aluminum: 3mm thick. Single sided or double sided, custom sizes up to 4’x8’
  8. Polyair: smooth and light poly, indoor or outdoor, prints without texture, bubble core, single sided or double sided.